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The Institute for Ethical Campaigning Mission & Values

The Institute for Ethical Campaigning (IFEC) was formed

    • To promote ethical campaign practices through education of the public about the role of campaign finance reform and;
    • To promote diversity among campaign consultants and staff through internship programs focused on providing opportunities for underserved communities specifically a) economically disadvantaged youth, b) people of color, c) people with disabilities.

It is the belief of the founders of the corporation that the public will be better served by a more representative group of stakeholders that are educated as to the power of campaign finance reform.

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Step 1

Receive Training at IFEC

Once accepted into the program, you’ll travel to our training facility in Washington, DC located on Capitol Hill in the historic Barracks Row district.  There you will learn about the history of campaign finance reform and the importance of ethics in political campaign consulting. As with the entire internship program, your travel will be paid for and you’ll receive a living wage during your training period and throughout the weeks of the program.

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Step 2

Intern on a Political Campaign

After completing your training, we’ll place you through our network of political consultants on an active political campaign somewhere in the US.  Once on the campaign, you’ll have the opportunity to meet, learn from, and work with campaign staff and consultants covering a breadth of specializations like compliance, finance, research, political and press/communications.

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Step 3

Build Your Network

At the end of the program, we’ll bring you back to Washington, DC once more where you’ll attend your “graduation” ceremony.  At this mixer, you’ll have a chance to meet and swap “war stories” with other interns but most importantly you’ll be given the chance to network with campaign consultants, Hill staffers, and elected officials before traveling back to your home state.

Learn from
the best.

You’ll be spending time alongside consultants who already have years of experience.

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President, The Institute for Ethical Campaigning

Dominic Gabello

“Internships are gateways to the future. They are important for gaining job experience, access to programs and experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have, and most importantly networking with your future colleagues. Those that seize the opportunities presented to them will be the most successful in their careers.”

Treasurer of the Institute for Ethical Campaigning

Quentin Fulks

“I believe that strengthening the pipeline for political talent is a winning strategy. Political internships are the first step in that process. When we start to employ experienced practitioners, who have been given the opportunity and most importantly real exposure to cut their teeth in the political consultant space, we reap the rewards tenfold. Fresh perspectives from young, emerging leaders are the lifeblood of an evolving democracy.  We must foster representation that is capable of meeting American voters exactly where they are and articulate what our elected leadership is doing to make their lives easier.”